An Association Supporting Residential Assisted Living Communities

We advocate for residential assisted living business owners and
operators supporting them with legal expertise, continued education,
national marketing, group purchasing power and a continual
positive voice for the industry.


Growing Business and Elevating Impact

RALNA members are growth-focused, human-minded, and business savvy.


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Lobbying and legal support focused on the Fair Housing Act and Zoning

Continuing education for direct care staff

National Marketing for your RAL home

Group purchasing power with access to over 200 companies

Regular newsletter addressing important issues facing RAL homes

Facebook page. Building community and support within the community

Access to business opportunities, investors, and qualified operators and administrators.

What Is RALNA?

We are here to promote the interests of RAL home owners at all levels. All of you are doing commendable work that deserves recognition and support. The Residential Assisted Living National Association is here to ensure your business does good and does well.

Should I become a member?

We view RALNA membership like being part of a family, ready to support you, help you and guide you to solution. Dealing with issues (like finding the right staff and service providers at the right prices) through access to over 200 companies. You get direct access to investors for your business, as well as trained care personnel and qualified operators. Become A Member Now

What benefits do you offer?

We provide ongoing education for direct care staff so you can be sure your residents will be well taken care of, happy, and will have wonderful things to say about your home.

Joining RAL National Association also helps in your marketing endeavors. You get national level exposure through the membership, plus a dedicated Facebook page. The membership increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your Home in your community, building a name that immediately evokes reliability and confidence.

What is the community like?

At RALNA, you will find many like-minded business people ready and willing to share their hard-won experience to help you meet your business and caregiving goals.

We need to hear your voice!

We are your voice at the government and regulatory level.

We advocate for the needs of the RAL industry.

You will get lobbying and legal support focused on the Fair Housing Act and Zoning.

Solution-focused Benefits

Discover solutions to pressing problems and save on resources you’re already buying.

RALNA corporate sponsorships are available to approved vendors and service providers of products or services that are appropriate for the RAL industry.

Your Home Listed In the Largest RAL Database

Put your home in front of future residents and their families.

The Residential Assisted Living National Association is home to the largest, most access home listing database in the United States.

Your membership places your home in front of line.

Informative Resources

Bringing you the latest news , guides and other helpful info.

National Convention and Industry Events

Discover solutions to pressing problems and save on resources you’re already buying.



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