RAL Tech That Streamlines Medication Management

RAL Tech that Streamlines Medication Management


How is your medication management handled during a power outage? That’s a standard question that residents, family members, and new caregivers frequently ask. Medication management is a critically important need-to-know protocol for every residential assisted living home. Residents rely on receiving their medication on time every day. The slightest disturbance in medication distribution can cause an extremely unwanted health risk. Seniors rely on caregivers to administer their medications despite power outages and distractions.

Throughout the country, some RAL homes have experienced floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that put seniors at risk. As a result, it is best for owners and operators to have a plan in place to eliminate these concerns. There are a variety of technological resources for RAL homes that streamline medication management.

5 Questions Best Answered By RAL Technology

  1. How will your RAL home safely administer medications during a power outage?
  2. In addition, what better way is there to provide uninterrupted care assistance for residents.
  3. Do you have a system in place that keeps the medication management process error-proof?
  4. Should medication management be thrown into the hands of less seasoned staff, during an emergency?
  5. What innovative RAL protocols do you have in place to share with residents and family members?

These are a few important questions every RAL owner and operator should ask themselves, in order to build a competitive momentum in the assisted living industry.


MatrixCare has developed an eMAR offline mobile solution to provide uninterrupted medication management despite power disruptions. When normal connectivity fails, eMAR allows caregivers to continue assisting residents without risky oversights, mix-ups or hiccups. This leading-edge technology allows caregivers to ensure that the correct medications and doses are delivered in a timely manner.


Unfortunately, far too many RAL homes are running the risk of making major mistakes during emergency situations. For example, during an outage, many assisted living homes are still printing paper instructions and using manual medication distribution. This manual method takes added time and runs the risk of human error. Even under the perfect circumstances, mistakes can happen. Now, try adding the stressful scenario of an unanticipated emergency power outage. MatrixCare eMAR adds a level of offline flexibility and mobility that traditional products do not. Avoid the hassle. This easy system will independently capture care, verify orders, and administer medication. MatrixCare combines a point of care and eMAR system in one easy-to-use application. It allows for consistent delivery of resident-centered care, resulting in safer medication management and improved satisfaction amongst staff, residents, and family members.


MATRIXCARE eMAR offline mobile solution is the first offline mobile app for medication management. It is cutting-edge technology in the RAL market. This app empowers caregivers with mobility and prevents staff from crowding a central computer station. As a result, assisted living staff are able to interact and engage more with residents. The mobility of eMAR offline provides extreme flexibility.

eMAR Offline Advantages

  1. Stops medication errors or missed administrations
  2. Enables continuity of care
  3. Prevents late documentation
  4. Reduces paperwork
  5. Eliminates paper drug monitoring and tracking
  6. Provides accurate compliance reporting
  7. Minimizes the need for local desktop devices

MatrixCare CareAssist offers manual order entry, traditional e-prescribing, and pharmacy centric order entry. Users are able to focus time and attention on residents with reliable information at their fingertips at all times. MatrixCare also tracks the complete process of medication management.

Medication Management from A-Z

  • Barcode scanning allows for safe and efficient medication passes
  • Electronic controlled substance tracking ensures accurate documentation
  • Blind controlled substance tracking ensures that medication counts are done according to protocol

The medication management process is easy with MatrixCare. Residential assisted living homes that streamline the care process with technologies are able to easily compete with big-box care facilities. MatrixCare allows smaller RAL homes to accomplish the goal of providing quality care under difficult circumstances.


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