What's Your Team Thinking

Your Team…What Are They Thinking?

Being a boss and managing caregivers in a residential assisted living home can be challenging at times.

What do your employees really think of you? How can you make sure that you are fully supporting your team and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed? There are some proven attributes to look for in a good boss – this will make sure your business is successful.

Being in charge is not always an easy task. Overseeing others comes with a ton of responsibilities, which sometimes makes it difficult to evaluate how well you are doing in a management position. Obviously, there are many different styles of leadership, some are definitely better than others. Are your employees reacting well to your personal style of leadership? Are any of your actions creating an unwanted or uncomfortable feeling in the office? You have to find the right balance between commanding respect and appearing welcoming and accessible.

Business Insider reported that a third of employees said, people, quit jobs because of bad management. This is no surprise. Job turnover is a reminder that being a good boss is crucial for your organization’s success. You can’t exactly go around the office constantly asking people to critique you and tell you how you’re doing. But, the following 18 signs will show you if you’re shining in a positive spotlight as a good boss.


1. Treat People Respectfully

People abuse authority a lot, with hurling insults and overbearing demands attempting to get a task completed. This is not an effective motivational technique. If you really value your employees and treat them with respect, then you’re already steps ahead of other managers.

2. Prepared To Try New Things

A good boss adopts certain methods of doing things because it is the most efficient way of getting a task completed. A good manager knows the benefits of giving their employees a little room to experiment and innovate.

3. Hold Everyone Accountable

As the boss, you should hold yourself accountable just as much as you hold your employees accountable. Accountability is a big part of office morale, it encourages integrity, which creates an excellent work environment.

4. Including Yourself

A good boss avoids excuses. In fact, it’s better to admit when you’ve made a mistake to create a workplace that allows trial and error. Mistakes can become teachable moments. You have to practice what you preach. There should be a narrow gap between what you say you’ll do and what you actually accomplish. You want to be known as the dependable person who always follows through on their commitments. Set an example for the rest of your team.

5. Ask Politely

Don’t bark out orders and act harshly to try to establish dominance. People won’t respond well to that type of behavior. You should always be polite, use words like “please” and “thank you.” You’ll get a much better response from your team.

6. Gives Support

A boss should be there for their team the same way they expect their team to be there for them. Bosses should build trust with their employees by providing a reasonable amount of support and guidance. You don’t necessarily have to hold anyone’s hand, But never make your employees feel alone or left out. Always offer assistance if possible.

7. Remove Personal Obstacles

A trait of a bad boss is one who implements roadblocks that make it harder for people to succeed in the workplace. Why not make the lives of your employees easier?

8. Is a Good Coach

Coaches just don’t sit on the sideline. They are the biggest motivating force for the team. A good balance of guidance, praise, and constructive criticism can bring out the best in your employees.

9. Honest About Expectations

Don’t sell your team dreams. Bosses often disappoint or confuse their team by presenting inaccurate information. This leads to false expectations. For example, telling your staff how good the company is doing and then springing up layoffs on everyone. It’s just best to be straightforward. Good staff craves feedback to learn how they can improve and grow as a team. Any good boss would be obliged to provide truthful feedback.

10. Give Feedback

When a boss gives employee feedback, it enables them to know what areas they need to improve. It is better to share your personal reaction about an employee’s behavior, than an overall assessment of their performance.

11. Show Concern About Solutions

It’s easy to point fingers. When the going gets tough, a weak boss will find someone to blame. Rather than throwing people under the bus, good management focuses on finding a solution to the problem.

12. Challenge Employees

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Bored workers usually become unhappy workers. Check-in and challenge your workers.  Come up with ways to keep them sharp and on their toes.

13. Avoid Micromanaging

Learn the capabilities of your workers, in order to achieve a good balance. Learn who can be trusted with certain responsibilities. While helping out is always appreciated, a good boss has to delegate responsibility.

14. Check On Employees

Don’t nag, but stop by to genuinely check on your employees. Find out their goals and worries so that you are all on the same page.

15. Have A Sense of Humor

There’s nothing wrong with joking, but remember to keep it professional. Never take jokes too far. There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh with your employees. A good boss takes their work seriously, not themselves.

16. Invest Interest In Your Employees

A good boss is actively concerned with the professional goals and aspirations of their workers. What a boss puts into their workers, is usually what they get in return.

17. Don’t Fake Being Nice

Being artificially nice and giving undeserved praise can cause friction in the workplace. Don’t fake success, in order to avoid conflict. As a result, you will have to yank the rug from under them later. You’ll actually be doing the bigger favor by being authentic and creating an honest work environment.

18. Be A Good Listener

A good boss is a good listener. Being a quality listener is a good trait to have in life, especially as a boss. It shows your employees that you respect them and that you are seriously considering their opinions and needs.


As we interact with each other, we have the profound opportunity to either make a person feel valued, devalued or irrelevant. The reason we get so upset about poor customer service is not that the service itself was poor, but because it makes us feel less valued as a customer and as a person. Always be mindful and respectful when dealing with your coworkers. Avoid any interactions or gestures that may be taken as disrespect, you don’t want to cause an uncomfortable work environment.

To better communicate with people, sometimes we have to approach each facet of what we do. How we interact with team members, residents, family members, and the public will define your overall scope of leadership. You have to learn to ask yourself, “How would this make the other person feel about themselves?” Instead, we are far too concerned about how they feel about us. Just imagine what we can do for our individual organizations if we started with this kind of thinking.


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Obviously, there are many different styles of leadership, some are definitely better than others. Are your employees reacting well to your personal style of leadership?

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